2003Sports Illustrated for KidsAugust, 2003 292Boyle is pictured in his Princeton Tigers uniform
2004-2005Dick’s Sporting GoodsSingle Card NNOPerforated promotional card with New Balance shoes coupon attached
2005Philadelphia BarrageTeam Issued Set 14 
2005San Jose StealthTeam Issued Set 14 
2009CHOICE SportsCards/Newton-Wellesley HospitalBoston CannonsPanel 520Issued in four-card panel on July 18, 2009 at game vs Chicago Machine
2010CHOICE SportsCards/Newton-Wellesley HospitalBoston CannonsPanel 39Issued in four-card panel on June 12, 2010 at game vs. Denver Outlaws
2010Upper DeckMajor League LacrosseBase11 
2010Upper DeckMajor League LacrosseStars of the Game88 
2010Upper DeckWorld of SportsBase288 
2011Upper DeckWorld of SportsBase206