This area is a catch-all for items that are not necessarily trading cards, but not exactly standard photos either. These items are often blank-backed and may have been issued over a number of years by a company that endorsed a player. Other promotional pieces are also included. Information in this area is very vague. The items here are listed to simply show what is known to exist and in the hopes that other collectors may be able to contribute additional information.

1992-93 Buffalo Bandits Team Pog Sheet

2000 GB Lax Gait Brothers

2000 Toyota Tom Ryan

2001 Casey Powell Reebok Promo

2010 Long Island Lizards

2011 Washington Stealth

2012 Calgary Roughnecks

2018 Mike Evans Tribute

2019 Major League Lacrosse

2019 NCAA Championships Matt Rambo

2021 Athletes Unlimited

STX Kyle Harrison Promo

Unknown Buffalo Bandits