Single Cards Checklist

1878Huntley & PalmersSportsNNOLacrosse
1887Little Rhody Cut PlugNational Sports (N557)7Lacrosse
1889Goodwin & CoGames and SportsNNOLacrosse
1889Milton BradleyAmerican Sports Game2aLacrosse
1889Milton BradleyAmerican Sports Game2bLacrosse
1893Arbuckle CoffeeHistory of Sports and Pastimes of All Nations22American Indians
1900-1902Ogden’s CigarettesTabs B, General Interest104Middlesex vs. Essex
1900-1902Ogden’s CigarettesTabs B, General Interest105C.H. Scott
1900-1902Ogden’s CigarettesTabs B, General InterestWoodford Lacrosse Team
1901W.D. & H.O. Wills, Ltd.Sports of all Nations43Canada, Lacrosse
1901W.D. & H.O. Wills, Ltd.Sports of all Nations43Canada, Lacrosse
1904CWSBritish Sports Series14Lacrosse
1905J. Redford & Co.Sports and Pastimes11Lacrosse
1907Emanuel CompanyCollege Boy PostcardSHS
1910English and Scottish CWSBritish Sports Series
1910MuradCollege SeriesNNOSwarthmore College
1910MuradCollege SeriesNNOJohns Hopkins University
1910MuradCollege SeriesNNOStevens University
1910MuradCollege SeriesNNOHobart
1910J. Edmondson & Co. LTDSports and Pastimes11Lacrosse
1910Evershed and Son LTDSports and Pastimes11Lacrosse
1911MuradCollege Series Premium13Swarthmore College
1912Taddy & Co.Sports and Pastimes11Lacrosse
1914Ogden’s CigarettesClub Badges21Oxford University Lacrosse Club
1916MacRobertson’sSports of the World46Lacrosse
1917British American Tobacco Co. LTD Sports of the WorldLacrosse
1917British American Tobacco Co. LTDSports of the WorldLacrosse
1917Village MaidSports of the World27Lacrosse
1917Village MaidSports of the World27Lacrosse
1917W.D. & H.O. WillsSports of the WorldLacrosse
1917British American TobaccoTransport and SportNNOLacrosse
1923Godfrey Phillips LTDSports3
1923Godfrey Phillips LTDSports3Well-Netted
1923T.H. CollinsSports and Pastimes11Lacrosse
1924A&J CoudensSports AlphabetLLacrosse
1924MonaxSports AlphabetLL – Lacrosse
1924W. Sandorides & CoSports and Pastimes11Lacrosse
1924Willard’s ChocolatesSports Champions31Charlie Querrie
1924Willard’s ChocolatesSports Champions37Gordon Thom
1924Willard’s ChocolatesSports Champions49Buck Johnson
1925Dominion ChocolatesDominion Athletic Stars30Weston Lacrosse Team
1925Dominion ChocolatesDominion Athletic Stars91Johnny Laing
1925J. Edmondson & Co. LTDPopular Sports
1925A&J CoudensSports AlphabetLL – Lacrosse
1925Cope Brothers and Co., Ltd.Sports and Pastimes9-LLacrosse
1925Bucktrout & Co. LTDSports and Pastimes11Lacrosse
1925Cope Bros. & Co. LTDSports and Pastimes12L – Lacrosse
1925Miranda LTDSports and Pastimes11Lacrosse
1925Teofani & Co.Sports and Pastimes11Lacrosse
1925T.P. & R. GoodbodySports and Pastimes11Lacrosse
1925James AlmondSports and Pastimes11Lacrosse
1925Teofani & Co.Sports and Pastimes (blank-back version)11Lacrosse
1926Hudden & Co. LTDSports and Pastimes11Lacrosse
1926SwordSports and Pastimes11Lacrosse
1927Ogden’s CigarettesABC of Sport12Lacrosse
1927James IllingworthComicartoons of Sports Silhouettes11Lacrosse
1930J.A. PattreiouexCelebrities in Sport35G. Percy Seed
1930J.A. PattreiouexCelebrities in Sport45A. J. C. Balkwill
1930J.A. PattreiouexCelebrities in Sport47F.S. Helme
1930Jean Donat-DupontIndiana-Cow-boy17Jeu de Balle
1930W. Sword & Co.Sports and Pastimes11Lacrosse
1931Krenter TobaccoKrenter Indianer – Bilder10Ballspieler der Choctaw
1931Krenter TobaccoKrenter Indianer – Bilder9Ballspieler der Dakota
1932Astra MargarineHandbuch des Sports57Women’s Lacrosse
1932Sanella MargarineHandbuch des Sports57Women’s Lacrosse
1933GoudeyIndian Gum35Ah-No-Je-Nahge
1934R&J HillSports33Cambridge U. vs. Willoughby L.C.
1936A.W. AllenSports and Flags of Nations5Canada, Lacrosse
1938International TobaccoGentlemen!  The King!16
1947Kellogg’s All-WheatSports Histories9Lacrosse
1949Cracker Jacks/W.M. LowneySports Yesterday & Today15Lacrosse
1949Cracker Jacks/W.M. LowneySports Yesterday & Today16Lacrosse
1949BowmanWild WestB-17Indian Lacrosse
1951Nabisco Shredded WheatStraight Arrow Injun-uities34Lacrosse Stick
1953BowmanFrontier Days27Indian Lacrosse
1955Loma Linda FoodsIroquois Playing Lacrosse
1959FleerIndian Trading Card27Indians Playing Lacrosse
1959ParkhurstPuzzle Cards33Lacrosse
1960Robertson LTD (Jam)Sporting Gollies
1960Robertson LTD (Jam)Sporting Gollies
1960Chocolat JacquesSports Insolites89Lacrosse
1967Europa-BilderdienstUnter Indianern35Auftakt zum Ballspiel
1967Europa-BilderdienstUnter Indianern36Das GroBe Spiel
1967Europa-BilderdienstUnter Indianern37Buruhmte Lacrosse-Spieler
1974Red Rose TeaIndians of Canada14
1976Nabisco ConfectionsSugar Daddy Sports World6Lacrosse
1985KTO InteleisureWhoozit?NNOSports
1991South Wales ConstabularySport-A-Card11Lacrosse
1991Wild Card1000 Stripe – PromoNNOPeter Schaffer
1993Fellowship of Christian AthletesFCA 506Dan Britton
2004-2005Dick’s Sporting GoodsN/AN/ARyan Boyle
2008Jack Astor’sN/AN/AJim Veltman
2010Upper DeckCollege Colors15Matt Danowski
2010Upper DeckNational Sports Collectors ConventionNSC-9Matt Danowski
2012Upper DeckNational Sports Collectors ConventionNSCC-19Brodie Merrill
2012Upper DeckNational Sports Collectors ConventionNSSC-BMBrodie Merrill
2014Upper DeckHeroic InspirationsHero JMJaclyn Murphy
2019WarriorBlackN/AN/AGreg Gurenlian
2020Topps On-DemandAthletes Unlimited20Lacrosse 
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