2001 Major League Lacrosse

SIZE: 2-1/2” x 3-1/2”



GAME: Field

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This groundbreaking and rare set features many of the game’s greatest contemporary players. Rumored to have been limited to a print run of just 500 (though this is completely unsubstantiated), these cards were initially issued as cellophane-wrapped packs of six cards each for $3.00. Unsold cards were later collated into sets and sold through a distributor. Six player cards are dedicated to each of the six MLL teams. Though the cards are unnumbered, the complete sets were collated into team sets within their cellophane packaging and are listed below as they were received.

NNO Jake Bergey
NNO Ric Beardsley
NNO Tim Soudan
NNO John Grant, Jr.
NNO Ryan Powell
NNO Brian Dougherty
NNO Mario Lopez
NNO Blake Miller
NNO Roy Colsey
NNO Jamie Hanford
NNO Matt Panetta
NNO Brian Silcott
NNO Doug Knight
NNO Dan Radenbaugh
NNO Billy Daye
NNO Mike Battista
NNO Michael Watson
NNO Ryan Curtis
NNO Sal Locascio
NNO John Gagliardi
NNO Casey Powell
NNO A.J. Haugen
NNO Gary Gait
NNO Vinnie Sombrotto
NNO John Hess
NNO Christian Cook
NNO Tom Ryan
NNO Steve Koudelka
NNO Jay Jalbert
NNO Jesse Hubbard
NNO Greg Cattrano
NNO Mark Millon
NNO Tom Marechek
NNO Dan Denihan
NNO Josh Sims
NNO Rob Doerr
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