Topps followed up their OnDemand Athletes Unlimited sets with a single flagship issue containing all four sports (basketball, lacrosse, softball & volleyball). The set contains a number of interesting inserts and parallels, including the first quad auto cards that feature only lacrosse players. Additionally, this set is notable for including rookie cards of UNC champions Ally Mastroianni, Taylor Moreno and Jamie Ortega, as well as two-time Tewaaraton Award winner and the NCAA’s all-time scoring leader Charlotte North.

A total of 55 cards of the 200 in the 2023 Topps Athletes Unlimited base card set are lacrosse-related.  There are 52 players and three additional cards (Intro Hype, Goal Celly and 2022 Lacrosse PEC Group).  Five athletes who played significant minutes in the 2022 season are not represented in the base set:  Amanda Johansen, Amber McKenzie, Kerrigan Miller, Izzy McMahon, and Kelly McPartland.  Amber McKenzie does have a card (BG-17) in the Black Gold insert set.  Amanda Johansen has a few cards in the various insert sets, including AU Autographs (AUA-AJ), AU Quad Autographs (QA-NAMJ), Record Breakers (RB-18), and Record Breakers Autographs (also RB-18), The other three players are not in the set at all.

Base cards are found in a variety of parallels:

  • Rainbow Foil – 1:2 packs
  • Gold Foilboard – 1:24 packs
  • Royal Blue – #/99
  • Independence Day – #/76
  • Mother’s Day Hot Pink – #/50
  • NGWSD – #/22
  • FoilFractor – 1/1
  • Printing Plates – 1/1

*Of note is the fact that when Topps issued the checklist for this set, the insert autograph sets (Being Unlimited, Face of the Nation, Record Breakers and Unlimited Potential) were listed as all being serial-numbered to 25. However, no #/25 examples have surfaced. Instead, #/10 examples have been found, leading to the belief that the original checklist was in error and those sets are all #/10 and not #/25 as originally stated.

The following base and insert checklists include only the lacrosse cards from this release.

  Card Number  Name  Position  College
2Becca BlockDefenseSyracuse
4Courtney TaylorDefenseBoston College
6Sydney PirrecaDefenseFlorida
17Kenzie KentAttackBoston College
22Jill GirardiMidfieldNorthwestern
23Haley WardenDefenseJames Madison
25Mira ShaneGoalieMichigan
32Kayla WoodDefenseNorth Carolina
41Ally KennedyMidfieldStony Brook
45Britt ReadGoalieOregon
48Sammy Jo TracyAttackNorth Carolina
49Halle MajoranaAttackSyracuse
62Caroline WakefieldDefenseNorth Carolina
63Lizzie ColsonDefenseMaryland
64Aurora CordingleyAttackMaryland, Johns Hopkins
65Dempsey ArsenaultMidfieldBoston College
69Sam GeiersbachAttackNorth Carolina
72Lauren GilbertAttackNorthwestern
74Sydney WatsonMidfieldU. Connecticut
77Nicole LevyAttackSyracuse
80Sam ApuzzoAttackBoston College
88Ally PalermoDefenseNorthwestern
91Kyra PeltonDefenseStanford
94Katrina GeigerDefenseLoyola, Elon, Georgetown
95Ally MastroianniMidfieldNorth Carolina
98Molly LittleDefenseDenver
99Scottie Rose GrowneyAttackNorth Carolina
109Alex Aust HolmanAttackMaryland
113Ella SimkinsDefenseSyracuse
114Katie O’DonnellMidfieldPenn State
119Sarah CooperDefenseSyracuse
123Kristen CarrDefenseNorth Carolina
133Caylee WatersGoalieNorth Carolina
136Lindsey McKoneMidfieldNorthwestern
141Jamie OrtegaAttackNorth Carolina
146Alyssa ParrellaMidfieldHofstra
150Molly WolfGoalieLoyola
151Grace GriffinMidfieldMaryland
153Taylor VanThofMidfieldLoyola
154Meg DoutyDefenseMaryland
156Kelsey HuffMidfieldUSC
164Cortney FortunatoAttackNotre Dame
169Shayna PirrecaAttackFlorida
175Mollie StevensAttackFlorida
176Marie McCoolMidfieldNorth Carolina
177Kady GlynnGoalieLoyola
179Emma TrenchardDefenseNorth Carolina
180Andie AldaveAttackNorth Carolina
182Molly DoughertyGoalieJames Madison
183Charlotte NorthAttackBoston College, Duke
184Taylor MorenoGoalieNorth Carolina
185Paulina DiFattaGoalieElon
189Intro Hype  
192Goal Celly  
1982022 Lacrosse PEC Group  
 AU Autographs Rainbow # / 50, Gold # / 25, FoilFractor 1 / 1
AUA-AJAmanda Johansen  
AUA-AKAlly Kennedy  
AUA-AMAlly Mastroianni  
AUA-APAlyssa Parrella  
AUA-BBBecca Block  
AUA-BRBritt Read  
AUA-CNCharlotte North  
AUA-CTCourtney Taylor  
AUA-CWCaylee Waters  
AUA-DADempsey Arsenault  
AUA-HWHaley Warden  
AUA-KGKady Glynn  
AUA-KGRKatrina Geiger  
AUA-KHKelsey Huff  
AUA-LCSLizzie Colson  
AUA-LGLauren Gilbert  
AUA-LMLindsey McKone  
AUA-MDMolly Dougherty  
AUA-MMMarie McCool  
AUA-SASam Apuzzo  
AUA-SGSam Geiersbach  
AUA-TMTaylor Moreno  
AUA-TVTaylor VanThof  
 AU Quad Autographs Serial numbered  # / 10
QA-BCKMBecca Block  
 Lizzie Colson  
 Ally Kennedy  
 Marie McCool  
QA-NAMJCharlotte North  
 Sam Apuzzo  
 Taylor Moreno  
 Amanda Johansen  
 Face of the NationParallel CardsRainbow # / 50, Gold # / 25, FoilFractor 1 / 1
FN-2Meg Douty United States
FN-11Britt Read England
FN-12Lindsey McKone Israel
FN-15Dempsey Arsenault United States
FN-16Aurora Cordingley Canada
FN-19Charlotte North United States
FN-20Sam Apuzzo United States
FN-21Marie McCool United States
FN-23Caylee Waters United States
 Face of the Nation Autographs Serial numbered  # / 25
FN-11Britt Read  
FN-19Charlotte North  
FN-20Sam Apuzzo  
FN-21Marie McCool  
FN-23Caylee Waters  
 Record BreakersParallel CardsRainbow # / 50, Gold # / 25, FoilFractor 1 / 1
RB-4Sam Apuzzo  
RB-5Charlotte North  
RB-11Charlotte North  
RB-12Britt Read  
RB-14Caroline Wakefiled  
RB-15Taylor Moreno  
RB-17Ally Kennedy  
RB-18Amanda Johansen  
 Record Breakers Autographs Serial numbered  # / 25
RB-9Charlotte North  
RB-10Sam Apuzzo  
RB-12Britt Read  
RB-15Taylor Moreno  
RB-17Ally Kennedy  
RB-18Amanda Johansen  
 Being UnlimitedParallel CardsRainbow # / 50, Gold # / 25, FoilFractor 1 / 1
BU-12Caylee Waters  
BU-13Sam Apuzzo  
BU-14Dempsey Arsenault  
BU-15Britt Read  
BU-17Taylor Moreno  
BU-18Ally Mastroianni  
 Being Unlimited Autographs Serial numbered  # / 25
BU-12Caylee Waters  
BU-13Sam Apuzzo  
BU-17Taylor Moreno  
 Unlimited PotentialParallel CardsRainbow # / 50, Gold # / 25, FoilFractor 1 / 1
UP-1Aurora Cordingley  
UP-2Taylor Moreno  
UP-3Sydney Watson  
UP-4Courtney Taylor  
UP-6Charlotte North  
UP-7Jamie Ortega  
UP-8Emma Trenchard  
UP-10Jill Girardi  
UP-11Paulina DiFatta  
UP-13Ally Palermo  
UP-24Ally Mastroianni  
UP-25Lauren Gilbert  
 Unlimited Potential Autographs Serial numbered  # / 25
UP-2Taylor Moreno  
UP-4Courtney Taylor  
UP-6Charlotte North  
UP-24Ally Mastroianni  
UP-25Lauren Gilbert  
 Black Gold 250 of each card produced
BG-1Taylor Moreno  
BG-5Lindsey McKone  
BG-11Mira Shane  
BG-12Meg Douty  
BG-15Sam Apuzzo  
BG-17Amber McKenzie  
 RelicsParallel CardsRainbow # / 50, Gold # / 25, FoilFractor 1 / 1
AUR-AMAlly Mastroianni  
AUR-BRBritt Read