SIZE: 2-1/2” x 3-1/2”



GAME: Field

Following the success of the 2021 Topps PLL set, the First Edition set containing was issued. This 55-card set features first-year players with PLL/RC logos on cards #1-#29. Cards #30-#42 feature First Team All-Pros and cards #43-#55 feature Second Team All-Pros. Like the PLL Championship Series set, these cards were sold through Topps ($9.99) and PLL ($10.00) websites in eight-card packs. The pre-order sales period ran from November 29 through December 23, 2021.

On February 2, 2022, Topps acknowledged an issue with the distribution of packs that affected the listed odds for collectors who purchased their packs through the PLL website. They issued a series of “Make Good” packs that contained a single, parallel numbered to 99-or-less and with a new color scheme.

Holofoil parallels are found in the following forms:

PARALLEL CARDS: Black & Yellow #/25, Orange #/10, Red #/5, Gold 1/1.

MAKE GOOD PARALLELS: Yellow #/99, Purple #/75, Blue #/50, Green #/25, Pink #/15, Silver #/10, Rainbow #/5, Black 1/1.

Set details originally posted on the Topps website, but later removed:

BASE – Image Gallery

Number Name Card Type
1 Jeff Teat RC
2 Michael Sowers RC
3 T.D. Ierlan RC
4 Jared Conners RC
5 Mac O’Keefe RC
6 Connor Kirst RC
7 Dox Aitken RC
8 Jack Kielty RC
9 Jake Carraway RC
10 Danny Logan RC
11 Ryan Terefenko RC
12 Tre LeClair RC
13 Kyle Gallagher RC
14 Tanner Cook RC
15 Ryan Tierney RC
16 Peter Dearth RC
17 Jeff Trainor RC
18 Justin Anderson RC
19 Conor Gaffney RC
20 Kyle Thornton RC
21 Colin Squires RC
22 Charlie Bertrand RC
23 Stephen Rehfuss RC
24 Ethan Walker RC
25 Jackson Morrill RC
26 Jamie Trimboli RC
27 Ryan Smith RC
28 Nick Grill RC
29 Charlie Leonard RC
30 Grant Ament 1st Team All-Pro
31 Jeff Teat 1st Team All-Pro/RC
32 Lyle Thompson 1st Team All-Pro
33 Zach Currier 1st Team All-Pro
34 Myles Jones 1st Team All-Pro
35 Paul Rabil 1st Team All-Pro
36 Matt Dunn 1st Team All-Pro
37 Graeme Hossack 1st Team All-Pro
38 Jack Rowlett 1st Team All-Pro
39 Michael Ehrhardt 1st Team All-Pro
40 Danny Logan 1st Team All-Pro/RC
41 Trevor Baptiste 1st Team All-Pro
42 Blaze Riorden 1st Team All-Pro
43 Josh Byrne 2nd Team All-Pro
44 Rob Pannell 2nd Team All-Pro
45 Zed Williams 2nd Team All-Pro
46 Bryan Costabile 2nd Team All-Pro
47 Tom Schreiber 2nd Team All-Pro
48 Dhane Smith 2nd Team All-Pro
49 Liam Byrnes 2nd Team All-Pro
50 Garrett Epple 2nd Team All-Pro
51 Michael Rexrode 2nd Team All-Pro
52 Ryland Rees 2nd Team All-Pro
53 Zach Goodrich 2nd Team All-Pro
54 T.D. Ierlan 2nd Team All-Pro/RC
55 Adam Ghitelman 2nd Team All-Pro