Like the Allen & Ginter issues, 2021 Skybox Metal Universe Champions produced several versions of cards for just a single player. In this case it was star attack from the MLL and PLL, Rob Pannell. This set of card is unlicensed and as such contains no team or league names or logos.

Image Gallery

Base42Rob Pannell
Base – Copper42Rob Pannell1:2 Blaster
Base – Silver Dots42Rob Pannell#/299
Precious Metal Gems Red42Rob Pannell#/150
Precious Metal Gems Orange42Rob Pannell#/100
Precious Metal Gems Pink42Rob Pannell#/75
Precious Metal Gems Blue42Rob Pannell#/25
Precious Metal Gems Green42Rob Pannell#/10
Precious Metal Gems Purple42Rob Pannell#1/1
Silver Autographs42Rob Pannell1:50 Hobby/ePack
Gold Autographs42Rob Pannell#/25