SIZE: 2-1/2” x 3-1/2”



GAME: Field

BASE – Image Gallery

Due to Covid-19, the MLL season was drastically reduced. Parkside’s 2020 trading card set was similarly affected. Instead of issuing boxes containing packs, Parkside released small boxes contain one complete base set of 15 cards, and one-of-12 Signature Series cards. There was a numbering error in the base set such that Brian Phipps and Alex Woodall are both numbered one, while there is no card number four. An Isaiah Davis-Allen Signature card was produced, but accidentally lost or destroyed in the packing process. As a result, no Davis-Allen Signatures were released and the Signature Series is complete without it. As they did in 2019, Parkside issued a Santa Claus card around Christmas time, and Santa is pictured with two lacrosse sticks in his bag.

1 Brian Phipps
1 Alex Woodall
2 Bradley Voigt
3 Brendan Sunday
5 Chris Aslanian
6 Dylan Molloy
7 Isaiah Davis-Allen
8 John Grant, Jr. – All-Time Points Leader
9 Kyle Pless
10 Lyle Thompson
11 Mark Ellis
12 Nick Marrocco
13 Sean Sconone
14 Zach Goodrich
15 Ryan Lee/Andrew Kew
  SIGNATURE SERIES – Image Gallery
SS-CA Chris Aslanian
SS-IDA Isaiah Davis-Allen – Not Released
SS-ME Mark Ellis
SS-ZG Zach Goodrich
SS-NM Nick Marrocco
SS-DM Dylan Molloy
SS-BP Brian Phipps
SS-KP Kyle Pless
SS-SS Sean Sconone
SS-BS Brendan Sunday
SS-BV Bradley Voigt
SS-AW Alex Woodall
  Special – Santa Claus