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The groundbreaking set emanated from the MILL when, in 1992/93, Nastasi International (based on Long Island) and STX produced a set of MILL cards. There were 70 player cards, including an average of ten from each of the existing seven franchises (Baltimore Thunder, Boston Blazers, Buffalo Bandits, Detroit Turbos, New York Saints, Philadelphia Wings, Pittsburgh Bulls. There are also five unnumbered cards at the end of the set, three of which include the Gait brothers.

Of note are two numbering errors in this set. According to the checklist, card #44 is supposed to be Steven Huff. However, both Scott and Steven Huff’s cards are numbered 43 and there is no card #44. A similar error occurs with card #39, which is supposed to be Don Borges. However, Borges’ and John Sebastian cards are both numbered 37 and there is no card #39.

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#TEAMPlayer NamePositionCollege
  1Baltimore ThunderDan BrittonForwardDelaware
  2Baltimore ThunderJeff JacksonForwardHampden-Sydney
  3Baltimore ThunderMatt KerwickForwardHobart
  4Baltimore ThunderTom ManosGoalieTowson State
  5Baltimore ThunderButch MarinoForwardDelaware
  6Baltimore ThunderTony MillonForwardTowson State
  7Baltimore ThunderRicky Sowell  *ForwardWashington College
  8Baltimore ThunderJohn Tucker  *ForwardJohns Hopkins
  9Baltimore ThunderPat WelshForwardNorth Carolina
10Baltimore ThunderTim WelshForwardNorth Carolina
11Boston BlazersCharlie BlanchardForwardOhio Wesleyan
12Boston BlazersToby BoucherForwardOhio Wesleyan
13Boston BlazersTom CarmeanForwardMassachusetts
14Boston BlazersWalt CataldoForwardBrown
15Boston BlazersBruce ChanenchuckForwardJohns Hopkins
16Boston BlazersScott HillerForwardMassachusetts
17Boston BlazersMarty O’NeilGoalie 
18Boston BlazersPeter SchmitzForwardMassachusetts
19Boston BlazersTim SoudanForwardMassachusetts
20Boston BlazersGlenn StephensForwardMassachusetts
21Buffalo BanditsKevin AlexanderForward 
22Buffalo BanditsBob HamleyForwardUniv. of Guelph  ©
23Buffalo BanditsDerek KeenanForwardIthaca
24Buffalo BanditsDarris KilgourForward 
25Buffalo BanditsRich KilgourForward 
26Buffalo BanditsJohn TavaresForwardWilfrid Laurier U.  ©
27Buffalo BanditsJim VeltmanForwardLakehead Univ.  ©
28Buffalo Bandits1992 MILL Champions  
29Detroit TurbosPat LeaForwardBrock Univ.  ©
30Detroit TurbosBrian LemonForwardBrock Univ.  ©
31Detroit TurbosPaul MootzGoalieGeorge Brown Inst.
32Detroit TurbosAdam MuellerForwardMichigan State
33Detroit TurbosPeter ParkeForwardUniv. of Guelph  ©
34Detroit TurbosArmando RodriguesForwardLambton College  ©
35Detroit TurbosTed SawickiGoalieBritish Columbia  ©
36Detroit TurbosDuane JacobsForward 
37Detroit TurbosJack SebastianForwardNew Hampshire
38Detroit TurbosGerry HiltzForward 
39#New York SaintsDon BorgesForwardC. W. Post
40New York SaintsRob CodignottoForwardMassachusetts
41New York SaintsMike CummingsForwardCornell
42New York SaintsBob CummingsForwardCornell
43New York SaintsScott Huff  *ForwardC. W. Post
44#New York SaintsSteven HuffForwardNorth Carolina
45New York SaintsSal LocasioGoalieMassachusetts
46New York SaintsVinnie Pfeifer  *GoalieLoyola, MD
47New York SaintsGordon PurdieForwardAdelphi
48New York SaintsMikko Red ArrowForwardHofstra
49New York SaintsSteve SombrottoForwardC. W. Post
50New York SaintsVinny SombrottoForwardHofstra
51Philadelphia WingsJohn Conley  *ForwardTowson State
52Philadelphia WingsDallas EliukGoalieVancouver Col.  ©
53Philadelphia WingsKevin FinneranForwardOhio Wesleyan
54Philadelphia WingsGary GaitForwardSyracuse
55Philadelphia WingsPaul GaitForwardSyracuse
56Philadelphia WingsMark Hahn  *ForwardMaryland
57Philadelphia WingsGary MartinForwardPenn State
58Philadelphia WingsJohn NostrantForwardHobart
59Philadelphia WingsTony ReschForwardYale
60Philadelphia WingsRob ShekForwardTowson State
61Pittsburgh BullsKevin Bilger  *GoalieMaryland
62Pittsburgh BullsLindsay DixonForwardTowson State
63Pittsburgh BullsMark GoldForwardMaryland
64Pittsburgh BullsBrian KeithForwardU.S. Naval Academy
65Pittsburgh BullsRon KlausnerForwardTowson State
66Pittsburgh BullsJeff KlodzenForwardCortland State
67Pittsburgh BullsBob MartinoForwardWashington College
68Pittsburgh BullsBrian NikulaForwardWhittier
69Pittsburgh BullsDave PietramalaForwardJohns Hopkins
70Pittsburgh BullsPat LamonForwardLoyola, MD
  ASpecial FoilGary Gait  
  BSpecial FoilPaul Gait  
  C Checklist  
  D Nastasi International  
  E STX Lacrosse  


                        *          MILL Premier Player

                        ©         Canadian College

                        #          Card “39” actually says “37”

                                    Card “44” actually says “43”