SIZE: 2-1/2” x 3-1/2”



GAME: Field

For the first time in their three-season history, a set of trading cards was produced that recognized the Premier Lacrosse League. These cards were available for a limited time in eight-card packs for $10 on the Topps website. The only time the cards were known to have been sold in-person is when a limited quantity was available for sale at the 2021 PLL championship on September 19, 2021, at Audi Field in Washington, D.C.

Parallels and autographs are found in the following forms:

Base Parallels – Yellow & Black (#/25), Orange (#/10), Red (#/5) and Gold (1/1)

Auto Parallels – Orange (#/10), Red (#/5) and Gold (1/1)

From the Topps website:

BASE – Image Gallery

Zed Williams

2 Josh Byrne
3 Tom Schreiber
4 Justin Guterding
5 Will Manny
6 Jordan Wolf
7 Ryder Garnsey
8 Sergio Perkovic
9 Mike Chanenchuk
10 Jordan MacIntosh
11 John Haus
12 Connor Kelly
13 Bryan Costabile
14 Matt Kavanagh
15 Matt Rambo
16 Myles Jones
17 Ryan Brown
18 Marcus Holman
19 Grant Ament
20 Rob Pannell
21 Connor Fields
22 Zach Currier
23 Ned Crotty
24 Scott Ratliff
25 Joe Nardella
26 Will Haus
27 Michael Ehrhardt
28 Kyle Harrison
29 Paul Rabil
30 Trevor Baptiste
31 Matt McMahon
32 Tyler Warner
33 Connor Farrell
34 Matt Dunn
35 Garrett Epple
36 Jack Rowlett
37 Brodie Merrill
38 Blaze Riorden
39 Dominique Alexander
40 Kyle Bernlohr
41 Jake Froccaro
42 Ryan Drenner
43 Curtis Dickson
44 Jay Carlson
45 Christian Mazzone
46 Jesse King
47 Brad Smith
48 Kieran McArdle
49 Sergio Salcido

Ben McIntosh

51 Josh Currier
52 Dhane Smith
53 Brent Adams
54 Eric Law
55 John Ranagan
56 Drew Snider
57 Ryan Ambler
58 Miles Thompson
59 Connor Buczek
60 Joe Walters
61 Wes Berg
62 Jack Near
63 Jarrod Neumann
64 Jesse Bernhardt
65 Bryce Young
66 Jake Bernhardt
67 Cade van Raaphorst
68 Mark McNeill
69 Eddy Glazener
70 Jake Withers
71 Eli Gobrecht
72 Tucker Durkin
73 Jack Concannon
74 John Galloway
75 Chris Cloutier
76 Joe LoCascio
77 Romar Dennis
78 Ian MacKay
79 John Crawley
80 Joey Sankey
81 Christian Cuccinello
82 Ryland Rees
83 Kevin Buchanan
84 Eli Salama
85 Troy Reh
86 Mike Manley
87 Mark Glicini
88 Reece Eddy
89 Tim Muller
90 Chris Sabia
91 Kyle Hartzell
92 Pat Harbeson
93 Tyson Bell
94 Adam Ghitelman
95 BJ Grill
96 Tim Troutner
97 Sam Duggan

Adam Ghitelman

  BJ Grill
  Blaze Riorden
  Brad Smith
  Brent Adams
  Brodie Merrill
  Bryan Costabile
  Bryce Young
  Cade van Raaphorst
  Chris Cloutier
  Chris Sabia
  Christian Mazzone
  Connor Buczek
  Connor Farrell
  Connor Fields
  Connor Kelly
  Dhane Smith
  Dominique Alexander
  Drew Snider
  Eddy Glazener
  Eli Gobrecht
  Eli Salama
  Eric Law
  Garrett Epple
  Grant Ament
  Ian MacKay
  Jack Concannon
  Jack Near
  Jack Rowlett
  Jake Bernhardt
  Jake Froccaro
  Jake Withers
  Jarrod Neumann
  Jay Carlson
  Jesse Bernhardt
  Joe Nardella
  Joe Walters
  Joey Sankey
  John Crawley
  John Galloway
  John Haus
  John Ranagan
  Jordan MacIntosh

Jordan Wolf

  Josh Byrne
  Josh Currier
  Justin Guterding
  Kyle Bernlohr
  Kyle Harrison
  Marcus Holman
  Mark Glicini
  Mark McNeill
  Matt Dunn
  Matt Kavanagh
  Matt McMahon
  Matt Rambo
  Michael Ehrhardt
  Mike Chanenchuk
  Mike Manley
  Myles Jones
  Ned Crotty
  Pat Harbeson
  Paul Rabil
  Reece Eddy
  Rob Pannell
  Romar Dennis
  Ryan Ambler
  Ryan Brown
  Ryan Drenner
  Ryder Garnsey
  Ryland Rees
  Sam Duggan
  Scott Ratliff
  Sergio Perkovic
  Sergio Salcido
  Tim Muller
  Tim Troutner
  Tom Schreiber
  Trevor Baptiste
  Troy Reh
  Tucker Durkin
  Tyson Bell
  Will Haus
  Will Manny
  Zach Currier
  Zed Williams
AWARD WINNERS – Image Gallery

Zed Williams – Jim Brown Most Valuable Player

AW-2 Zed Williams – Eamon McEneaney Attackman of the Year
AW-3 Tom Schreiber – Gait Brothers Midfielder of the Year
AW-4 Matt Dunn – Dave Pietramala Defensive Player of the Year
AW-5 Michael Ehrhardt – Brodie Merrill Long Stick Midfielder of the Year
AW-6 Joe Nardella – Paul Cantabene Faceoff Athlete of the Year
AW-7 Tyler Warner – George Boiardi Short Stick Midfielder of the Year
AW-8 Blaze Riorden – Oren Lyons Goalie of the Year
ICONIC PLAYS – Image Gallery

Ryan Ambler Catch

IP-2 Between the Legs
IP-3 Blaze Save
IP-4 Zed MVP Drive

Kyle Harrison

LG-2 Paul Rabil
LG-3 Brodie Merrill
LG-4 Joe Walters
LG-5 Ned Crotty

Jeremy Sieverts

LG-7 Kevin Buchanan
LG-8 Kyle Hartzell
LG-9 John Galloway

Brodie Merrill

  Joe Walters
  Kyle Harrison

Ned Crotty

  Paul Rabil