Although lacrosse is the oldest North American sport and trading cards featuring lacrosse have been in existence since the late 1800s, to this point there has been no single source listing all of the lacrosse cards that have been produced over the years. This site is an attempt to do just that, beginning with the first lacrosse card from the Huntley & Palmers set of 1878, and going all the way through to the most recent issues.

Men’s and women’s lacrosse will be represented on this site. Field, box and all Native American versions of the ball game that are shown on trading cards will be as well. Cards will be found in sports-related sets, as well as non-sports sets detailing various aspects of Native American life.

This site was built to help educate lacrosse fans and card collectors to the more than 140 years of cards representing this great sport. Additionally, we are adding features such as hall of fame rookie cards lists and player collections to assist collectors. This site is a work-in-progress and new cards will be added to the listings as they are either issued or discovered. If you are aware of any lacrosse-related cards that are not currently documented on this site, please use the contact form to reach out and let us know.


1949 W.M. Lowney - Sports Yesterday & Today - 15 (1)

1949 Cracker Jacks/W.M. Lowney – Sports Yesterday & Today – #15 Lacrosse