2010 Calgary Roughnecks

SIZE: 2-1/2” x 3-1/2”




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The second of three team issues that RAD Printing did for the Calgary Roughnecks.  The intention was for every player (even the practice squad) to have his own card.  Two players (Calton Schus and John Lintz) left the team in January 2010, so cards were not printed for them.  The cards feature color action photos on the front and black & white portraits on the back, along with stats and extensive biographical information.  There is a card commemorating the Roughnecks 2009 NLL Championship, featuring the champion ring.  Each player was given ten cards to keep.  At every home game, 3 or 4 players were randomly chosen and given 50 cards of themselves to sign and hand out during the Fan Meet and Greet after the game.  At the end of the season, fans were given the opportunity to purchase the complete box set from the team.

4 Devan Wray
7 Rob Van Beek
8 Craig Conn
9 Kaleb Toth    (A)
10 Curtis Manning
14 Jeff Moleski
15 Rod Kirkby
16 Michael Carnegie
17 Tracey Kelusky    (C) 
19 Josh Sanderson
20 Bruce Codd
21 Joe Vetere
24 Scott Carnegie
26 Craig Gelsvick
28 Mark Scherman
30 Matt King
33 Mike Poulin
37 Andrew McBride    (A)    
40 Nolan Heavenor
44 Dane Dobbie
51 Alex Coutts
55 Mike Kilby
71 Scott Ranger
77 Jeff Shattler
80 Peter McFetridge
  NLL Champion Ring
  RAD Printing card
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