Sports Illustrated for Kids has issued trading cards with their magazines for more than two decades. Perforated sheets of nine cards each are issued within each magazine and represent both traditional and non-traditional sports. To date there have been 22 cards showing men’s (9) and women’s (13) lacrosse.

Image Gallery

September, 1996507Kelly Amonte
September, 2002197Erin Elbe
August, 2003292Ryan Boyle
August, 2004404Sherry Boyle
August, 2008508Katie Chrest
September, 2007184Paul Rabil
September, 2008295Hannah Nielsen
November, 2009421Merrick Thompson
May, 2010460Katrina Dowd
July, 201146Shannon Smith
August, 201162Paul Rabil
July, 2012148Mike Sawyer
September, 2014357Taylor Cummings
July, 2015433Wesley Berg
August, 2016548Dylan Molloy
December, 2016583Ellie DeGarmo
July, 2017637Kylie Ohlmiller
August, 2018751Molly Dougherty
May, 2019818Tehoka Nanticoke
August, 2019852Alex Rode
May/June, 2020910Jamie Ortega
July/August, 20221032Emily Sterling