SIZE: 2-1/2” x 3-1/2”


LEAGUE: Athletes Unlimited

GAME: Field

For the second consecutive year, Topps issued an International Trading Card Day set.  The 2022 set was comprised of three pack options:  MLB, UEFA Champions League and Garbage Pail Kids.  For 2023, Topps added three more pack options:  Athletes Unlimited, Bowman University Football and Formula 1.  Although the release date was August 5, 2023, MLB team-specific cards were issued at different ballparks in both July and August.  Shops regularly dealing in Topps products were sent boxes from which to give away packs to customers.  The overall box breakdown for the product was:

●             40 MLB packs

●             20 UEFA Champions League packs

●             15 Formula 1 packs

●             5 Athletes Unlimited packs

●             5 Bowman U Football packs

●             5 Garbage Pail Kids packs 

The base Topps ITCD Athletes Unlimited set was comprised of cards from all four of the AU sports: 

Basketball:  cards # 1-8

Softball:  cards # 9-16

Volleyball:  cards # 17-23

Lacrosse:  cards # 24-31 

The eight lacrosse stars included are all significant players, including Charlotte North, Sam Apuzzo and Taylor Moreno.  The others are Ally Mastroianni, Amanda Johansen, Dempsey Arsenault, Britt Read, and Caylee Waters.  Four of the depicted lacrosse players were also featured on autographed versions of their cards (Ally Mastroianni, Britt Read, Caylee Waters, and Taylor Moreno). 

BASE – Image Gallery

24Taylor MorenoGoalie
25Sam ApuzzoAttack
26Ally MastroianniMidfield
27Britt ReadGoalie
28Caylee WatersGoalie
29Dempsey ArsenaultMidfield
30Amanda JohansenMidfield
31Charlotte NorthAttack

AUTOGRAPHS – Image Gallery
AUA-AMAlly Mastroianni
AUA-BRBritt Read
AUA-CWCaylee Waters
AUA-TMTaylor Moreno