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Welcome to the Lax Card Archive Forum. This area was created to give lacrosse card collectors a place to meet, share information and grow the lacrosse card genre. We must lay down a few ground rules for forum use:

Rule 1) Anyone posting inappropriate, insensitive, crude, or vulgar images or language will no longer be allowed to post. Posting political, religious, sexual, racist or other inflammatory content is strictly forbidden.

Rule 2) Anyone attacking another poster or making disparaging personal remarks will no longer be allowed to post.

Rule 3) If you have nothing to contribute to a thread or the forum as a whole, then do not post. Snide remarks and other negative comments are not appreciated or welcome

Rule 4) This forum is about collecting lacrosse cards and/or memorabilia. If your post is not directly related to lacrosse cards and/or memorabilia, then this is the wrong forum. Posting off-topic matter may result in the removal of the post and/or posting privileges depending on the topic matter.

Rule 5) This forum is provided for the education and sharing of information, not as a personal soapbox. If you want to learn and share information about lacrosse cards and/or memorabilia, you are welcome here.

Rule 6) Advertising of any sort is not allowed on this forum.

Rule 7) This site and forum were designed simply to help grow the lacrosse card community and help enlighten collectors as to cards that have been produced over the years. Please keep that in-mind whenever using this forum.

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