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*FLASH SALE* High End Cards for a Fraction of The Price

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Hey guys, 

Need some quick cash so I'm selling some of my best cards and few game worn jerseys. I use Cashapp. Please feel free to reach out, and lets make a deal!


Here they are:


John Grant Jr Game Worn Bayhawks MLL jersey autographed inscribed "HOF '22"- 500

Ian MacKay Game Worn Archers PLL bubble jersey 2020- 150

Wil Manny 2019 PLL Game Shorts- 75

Scotty Rodgers 2019 PLL Game Shorts- 75


2022 Topps PLL Danny Logan Auto Black 1/1- 350

Mike Powell Patch Auto /25 - 300

UD Materials Premium Rabil and John Grant Jr- 150 for one, 250 for both

Grant Ament IP autographed Topps PLL Rookie Card- 100

Gary Gait UD World of Sports IP auto inscribed "Air Gait! - 100

Rob Pannell UD Goodwin Champions Cyan and Magenta Printing Plates 1/1- 100 for one, 150 for both

Ryan Keenan Parkside Relic Logoman- 100

Niko Amato Parkside Relic- 75

Brodie Merrill UD Materials Patch- 50

UD Materials Logoman Kevin Leveille, Chris Garrity- 50 for each

Drew Westervelt UD Materials 10th Anniversary Logoman- 75

Stephen Berger UD Materials 10th Anniversary Logo- 50

2019 Parkside Alumni Signatures Paul Cantabene- 75

2019 Parkside Alumni Signatures Tim Goettelman, Mark Millon- 50 for each

Zed Williams Parkside Auto- 50

Dylan Molloy, Zach Goodrich 2020 Parkside Auto- 30 each, 50 for both

2022 Topps Matt Rees Jumbo Patch /5- 75